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If you own or manage apartments, townhomes, commercial property, warehouses, or just about any size building and need a hauling company or junk removal service Junk4Us of San Diego is your complete solution.

If you are a property manager in San Diego you understand the importance of maintaining a clean and presentable property and Ramona Junk Removal also shares this understanding with you. We know that more often than not tenants move out and leave behind unwanted trash and debris. If it’s in an apartment items can range from old television sets to dirty mattresses and overall debris. Don’t be caught off guard and wondering if the trash company will haul away most of this stuff. We have put together the perfect package for property managers and properties of all sizes. You can rest assured that our reliable and professional staff will arrive at your property ready to help you get rid of all that leftover trash and junk.

Now, if you are a property manager for a larger building like a warehouse or commercial building, Ramona Junk Removal also has packages to meet your needs. The challenges of maintaining a larger building are a lot different from small apartments. We know that the trash and junk left behind on a commercial building is much more and requires larger trucks. Ramona Junk Removal has a complete fleet of vehicles to accommodate your needs.

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